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Roller Shutter's Advance High Speed Doors

Are you looking for some effective energy saving solutions? Then you have arrived at the right place. Roller Shutter Doors offers High Speed doors that are efficient, durable and safe. These specialized door solutions have high operating speeds and thus help to reduce energy costs.

High Speed Doors help to improve the efficiency as they manage traffic flow and speed up operations as compared to simple doors. The doors also help to stop noise and air pollution and therefore maintain healthy work environment. All these advantages help to increase the productivity of the unit.

Selecting appropriate High Speed door is very important as a wrong or misapplied door can cause many troublesome problems. It can be a safety hazard or can act as an obstruction in the ‘environment control’ balance of the room. On the contrary, a door that is efficient and has been properly installed can improve safety, enhance productivity, save energy and even minimize repair costs. It is therefore imperative that all these factors are considered while choosing the door.

Environment control is an important function of High Speed Doors and one should consider factors such as the speed of operation of the door, Environmental separation, safety it provides and Quality before choosing a solution. Activation is an often neglected yet it is an important criterion for selection. If used properly it can help to eliminate false cycles, minimize door impacts and decrease maintenance. Before deciding the activation, you should study your traffic, physical features of the door opening along with the types of activation offered.

Kaiser Doors UK offers two types of doors: Kaiser Pack and Kaiser Roll. These are the safest and one of the most efficient choices available in the market. Both the doors comply with EN 13241-1 as well as meeting or exceeding the requirements of EN 12604:2001, EN 12453:2001 and EN 12978:2003.

Kaiser Doors offers other types of specialized doors such as Overhead Doors, Fire Doors, Roller Shutters and PVC Door Strip Curtains. These doors serve specific purposes and are real value for money. Kaiser Doors offer supply, installation as well as repair services to the customer.

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