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Advantages Of High Speed Doors

High Speed Doors, designed for fast closing and opening, are used mostly in industrial settings. These doors reduce energy costs, create a more conducive and quite working environment and improve productivity. High speed doors are installed for various purposes like for internal use, freezer room, hygienic environment or in high wind conditions

Like other Roller Shutter doors, High Speed Doors are curtain with interlocking slats that forms a continuous hinge. This arrangement helps to roll up or down the curtain on a spring-loaded barrel, held by steel support brackets. The doors are of two types -- single skinned and twin skinned doors. High-speed doors also come in bi-parting designs. Bi-parting doors open horizontally from the center.

Kaiser Doors have special features like Draught Sealing, Multi Safety Devices and Control Box. They are also available in a range of color choices. Under the Draught Sealing feature in energy saving doors, a double row of side brushes seal the uprights reducing the play between the curtain and the guide and provide an excellent sound barrier. A flexible flap at the bottom of the apron gives the best possible match to an uneven floor surface.

The special Multi Safety Devices in Kaiser-Roll High Speed Doors constantly monitor to insure safe operation. Jamb-mounted dual safety electro-sensitive photocells do this monitoring. It prevents the curtain closing if some body has entered the opening. When the door operates, two warning lights flash. In case of power failure the door easily opened by hand by manually disengaging the clutch. Also, automatic or semi-automatic curtain override options are available by counterweight assistance in case of power failure.

In Control Box, Kaiser-Roll High Speed Doors have Telemecanique controls within a metal control box with key lock and IP55 sealing protection. Complete with cycle counter, they have emergency stop, automatic/manual switching and curtain ascent/descent buttons. The dimensions of Control box are 500 x 400 x 200mm. Polyester or stainless control boxes are available as an IP66 option.

Standard colors for the frame and curtain available are White, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Cream, Dark Green, Yellow, Grey, Brown, Orange, Red and Black. Kaiser Doors Limited undertakes full preparation, installation, wiring, commissioning and staff training as well as any required in-fills/flashings. All Kaiser-Roll parts free from manufacturer’s defects for a period of 12 months from the commissioning date. The warranty also covers call out charges and fitting charges for replacement parts supplied under the warranty. Visit for more information on these high speed doors and other Industrial Doors.