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Doors: The Energy Champions

A recent study carried out across offices to determine the amount of energy actually saved by these units brought about a very interesting effort. Certain offices planted deciduous trees in front of the windows. During summers the heavy foliage prevented the sunlight from entering the rooms while in winter the tree shed it leaves allowing sunlight to pour! Thus a natural climate control was maintained in these offices. Now you can also contribute towards environment and reduce your electricity bills by the judicious use of doors and windows.

Industrial units across the world have become a serious matter of concern for the governments. These units expend a huge amount of energy and seriously pollute the environment. Thus there have been serious discussions about the efficiency of these units in international conventions and conscious efforts to reduce the carbon footprints of these units have been advocated. A major focus area in these discussions has been inculcating energy saving doors in the overall scheme of things.

As mentioned earlier new and innovative ways of saving energy are being designed across the industrial units. These efforts range from using natural HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system to employing photovoltaic cells to generate electricity. However the use of Energy saving doors is also becoming very popular as it is a cheaper and easier way of saving energy. Doors can be employed in a really innovative way to save tremendous amount of energy.

Doors can provide a natural HVAC system and maintain a uniform temperature inside industrial premises without expending electricity. Buildings in China have been appreciated for using doors as a natural mechanism for the purpose of saving energy. These buildings replaced the sliding doors with revolving doors which provided better cooling and heating and replaced the energy bills by as much as twenty percent. Doors are classified into different types depending upon their ability to save energy.

Industrial doors like roller shutters and strip curtains serve as the perfect option for the purpose of saving energy. They also offer a host of other features like easy traffic and proper heat control. The unique designing of these doors makes them absolutely perfect for use in industrial units and ensure that the minimum amount of energy is lost.

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