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Overhead Doors: Reduce your Overheads

The next time you time you see your high energy bills don’t fret over it but consider it as an opportunity to employ energy efficient measures and win accolades for employing environmental friendly steps.  The first step you can take towards achieving energy efficiency is use Overhead doors in your industrial premises. The innovative designs of these doors will surely help you to streamline your process and reduce your carbon footprints.

Overhead doors also known as sectional doors are heavy duty doors which resemble the traditional roller shutter doors in various aspects. These doors require minimum amount of space and minimize the opportunity of external vehicle damage.  The overhead sectional doors prove to be perfect for use in loading bays of warehouses as they provide easy and safe access to goods carrying vehicles. The overhead doors are generally tailor made to suit the requirement of the units and are manufactured using very light materials.

The overhead doors can be basically of two types i.e. manual and automated. While the manual doors are operated using chain pull openers, the automated one employ an electric motor and can be even operated with a remote control. The Overhead doors can be integrated with the overall design of the building and can also blend perfectly with the interiors of the workshop or warehouses to create an aesthetic appearance.

The overhead doors also offer various safety features which are state of the art and truly sophisticated. The doors are equipped with alarm systems which goes on every time the door is about to start an open or close cycle. A safety edge reverses the closing action of the door if any contact is made with the edge. Last, but not the least, the photo beams prevent the closing action of the doors if the beam is broken.

Apart from the overhead doors the rapid roll doors and the high speed doors also play an important role in industrial units and warehouses. The high speed doors play an important role in area where frequent traffic is observed. Both the overhead and the high speed doors conserve a lot of energy by providing a natural shield and also keep the environmental pollutants at bay. These doors also help you to reduce your electricity bills drastically!

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