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What to consider while buying a Strip Curtain

Strip curtain or strip doors are largely used in industrial sectors these days. The longevity of strip curtains and the ability to handle heavy traffic makes them the hot choice across industries. From pet doors to exhaust hood enclosures and from truck applications to cooler and freezer doors, strip curtains are the priority choice to most industries. However, there are certain important things that should be kept in mind before you zero in on your choice of strip curtain in UK. Here are some of them in detail.

Length and Breath: The length and width of the strip curtain plays a very vital part. Most strip curtains are installed on the face of a wall or above a framed opening. The strip curtain is typically longer and wider so that the strips cover the complete opening providing for an effective seal. The more the effectiveness of the seal, the better are the chances of longevity of strip curtains. Another very important thing to keep in mind is the door kit. If the strips end up being too long they can always be trimmed with a utility knife.

Header Mount: The header mount plays a huge role as it allows the hardware to install under the lintel or on the under side of the door jam. It is regarded as an indispensable hardware as it allows cover and protection from winds which may blow against or along the outside walls.

Traffic: Another consideration is the amount of traffic that the door will be exposed to. Heavy metal strip curtains are recommended in case if the traffic is high. You need to keep one thing in mind here. Heavy loaded strip curtains need regular maintenance. So, it is important you keep all aspects of maintenance in  mind before choosing a strip curtain for heavy traffic.

Strip Overlap Consideration: This is yet another important aspect while narrowing in on a strip curtain. 6 and 8″ wide strips are common for small openings while 12″ and 16″ wide strips are typical for larger openings. Strip thickness typically corresponds with strip width.

Company Reputation and Services: The goodwill, reputation, service and experience play a major part in choosing a strip curtain. The manufacturing of strip curtain cannot be regarded as a singular branch. Make sure that your supplier of strip curtain is willing to provide maintenance   service as well.

I hope these inputs help you to get a good deal when you decide to buy a strip curtain or fire door in UK.

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