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If you are looking for suitable doors for use in an industrial or commercial unit, you can do no better than consult Kaiser Doors Limited , who provide an unrivalled, full service capability in the supply, installation, repair, and maintenance of all types of commercial and industrial doors.

Kaiser Door’s products cater to the food processing, distribution, engineering and retail industries with the scope of works ranging from a door repair to the fitting out of newly built factories.

Kaiser manufactures both traditional single-skinned and twin-skinned roller shutter doors. Our Roller Shutter Doors consist of a curtain of interlocking slats. This curtain of slats, which forms a hinge along its length, can be rolled up or down onto a revolving spring loaded barrel mounted on steel support brackets. This rolling mechanism can be enclosed in a canopy hood. A bottom rail is fitted to the curtain and enables us to add handles and locks as required. Side channels and endlocks are provided to prevent the sideways movement of the curtain especially during high winds. Options include manual or power operated, a full range of lath options such as perforated, punched and lattice, powder coated and colour variants, additional security enhancements and built-in pedestrian doors and vision panels.

Kaiser’s High Speed Doors are used to control expenditure on energy, as well as noise and contamination levels. With high operating speeds they reduce energy costs with quick capital payback, create a more comfortable working environment and improve productivity due to markedly reduced operating times.   Kaiser’s High Speed Doors can be placed within or on the exterior entrance of a factory.

Kaiser’s PVC Strip Curtains can also be used within or on the exterior entrance of a factory. PVC Strip Curtains reduce draughts, heat loss, airborne pests, pollutants and noise and enable visible access for pedestrians and vehicles. PVC Strip Curtains are cost-effective, easily repaired and require little maintenance.

Kaiser Doors also supplies and installs a full range of loading bay equipment, including dock levellers, shelters, lighting, steps, vehicle restraints and alignment guides, bumper supports, door protection bollards and dock seals, shelter aprons and curtains. These enable rapid loading and unloading of goods at factories and other industrial units.

To get information on the pricing details for each product, you can request an online quotation at the Kaiser Doors site. You can also download data sheets, specifications and order forms from our web site.

If you are on a lookout for suitable Industrial Doors for your factory, why not get in touch with us at Kaiser Doors .

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