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Fire Doors: The shield

Fire has known to be very notorious and has always caused great destruction to industrial units. It is hence important to safeguard the industrial premises from possible destruction by fire. The fire walls and the fire doors provide proper insulation from fire and provide a safety cover to the industrial premises.

Fire protection in a building is usually compromised of three integral parts viz:


Active fire prevention generally includes manual and automatic fire detection or fire suppression. Passive fire protection, on the other hand, includes compartmentalization of the building through the use of fire resistance walls and floors. Last, but not the least, fire prevention is a precautionary measure which involves educating people about various measure to prevent the outbreak of fire.

A Fire door is used as a device for passive fire protection. It is used as opening in a fire resistant wall and separates the different sections of the premises from each other. The fire door is made from materials which are sturdy and will not catch fire easily.  There are various materials used for making fire doors. The most commonly used materials are timber, steel, gypsum etc. At times even a glass door section may be used to create a natural barrier for the fire and smoke.

The hardwares and the edges also form an important component of fire doors. The door hardware generally includes automatic closing devices, locks, latches etc. Even the edges of the doors should have fire rated seals which can be composed of intumescent strip or a Neoprene weather stripping which are poor conductors of heat and help to check the transfer of heat.

Some industrial doors can also have windows installed in them. These windows should be fire resistant and remain intact during the outbreak of a fire. The windows should be made from special material which can include ceramic glass, borosilicate glass or wire mesh glass. Sodium silicate is also used in making fire resistant glass due to its ability to curb heat transfer.

Fire doors are an important aspect of preventing the industrial premises from a violent out break of fire. It shields the various departments from fire and helps to provide  safe working conditions to the workers. However its is important to keep in mind that the material used for making fire doors are of approved quality. Regular inspection should also be carried out to ensure the proper working of the fire doors.

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