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Fire Doors To Protect You From Fire

What are Fire Doors?
Fire doors are fire resistant doors, made from fire resistant materials. Fire doors are installed to minimise the spread of fire and smoke in fire accidents. Most of the fire doors are automatically operated either by heat activated mechanisms or by smoke detecting. These doors do not require any key to open them and remain closed at most times.

Usability of Fire Doors
Fire Doors are used to restrict fire and localise it in the place of origin so that the fire is extinguished. At the same time, it provides time for the occupants of the building to vacate the premises. Among the innumerable kinds of Fire doors, Kaiser doors stand out as the best. Kaiser doors use CNC machining techniques to provide the best security from fire and theft. It also uses the most durable veneers and laminates which not only provide strength and security, but also an appealing look. Kaiser doors also provide high quality roller shutters which are used for both domestic and commercial purposes. These doors serve specific purposes from resisting fire to saving energy and space and reducing noise pollution. They are also very easy to install and maintain.

Other main kinds of Fire Doors:
The other kinds of Fire doors are:

  1. High speed doors - High speed doors are extremely efficient doors with high operating speeds. These doors help in reducing energy costs, noise levels and in improving the overall improvement in the work environment of a place.
  2. Roller shutter doors – Roller Shutter Doors are highly popular fire-fighting equipments that come in beautiful designs and are free from rusting. These doors serve a very practical and essential need without compromising on the aesthetic appeals of the door or the building as a whole. These efficient Fire doors are very popular and are essential fire-fighting equipment that have beautiful designs and are free from the ills like rusting, rotting etc. These doors serve a very practical and essential need without compromising on the aesthetic appeals of the door or the building as a whole. They further help in reducing noise pollution and contamination levels in the industry.

Utility of Fire Doors
Fire doors offer enormous utility and varied advantages. The following are the utilities provided:

  • At present, conventional fire doors are being replaced by stylish access controlled opening systems steel doors.
  • With the introduction of high-quality, robust and striking veneers and laminates into the market, the intrinsic benefits of steel along with its power, safety and robustness are amalgamated with the artistic design appeal of timber to provide doors that can safe guard from fire and even theft.
  • Fire door can also withstand rusting, warping or rotting and also invasion by vermin and insects.

Safeguard your home or office from the dreadful consequences of fire through the effective use Fire doors provided by In this modern era of multi-storied apartments and sky-high buildings, the use of Fire doors have become inevitable. They serve the very important purpose of preventing fire from spreading, hence reducing the extent of loss of life and property. Know more about Kaiser Door, Roller shutter doors.