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Fire Doors

Fire & Security Doors for Safety & Protection




Whatever your building type we have products that satisfy current building requirements. Our experienced technical staff are always on hand to offer a swift response to your queries regarding prices or specification and with a wide range of doorsets and hardware held in stock we can offer a quick turnaround from initial enquiry to delivery to site.

The level of protection of our fire door product range spans from thirty minutes to four hours and includes a two hour rated sliding steel door. There are also four levels of security doors providing a protection level from opportunistic attack with light hand tools to a determined attack with hand and power tools. CNC machining techniques allow for a high level of consistency and very tight tolerances meaning that you can rely that the doorset you require will meet your individual requirements.

From fire escape doors to sophisticated access controlled entrance systems steel doors are replacing traditional wooden doors in many applications. With the advent of good quality, durable and attractive veneers and laminates into the market the inherent benefits of steel; strength, security and durability can be merged with the aesthetic design appeal of timber of offer doors that can protect from fire an theft whilst also withstanding the day to day rigours of rusting, warping or rotting and also withstand infestation by vermin and insects.

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