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Fire Doors

Fire Doors by Kaiser Doors




Fire doors are the doors used to prevent the spread of fire in buildings. In modern settings, these serve a very important purpose of restricting fire to one area, which is a very critical need in the era of multistory apartments and buildings. In the event of fire, these doors can minimize the loss of life and property if they are properly used.

The Fire doors should always remain close especially at the time of fire. During fire accidents, this very act of keeping the door open defeats the purpose of the fire doors.
The purpose of these doors is to compartmentalize the fire so that at the time of fire it does not spread to the other parts of the building. These fire doors are manufactured from different materials like steel, gypsum, vermiculite boards etc.

Kaiser doors offer many types of fire doors. These efficient Fire doors are very popular and are essential fire-fighting equipment that have beautiful designs and are free from the ills like rusting, rotting etc. These doors serve a very practical and essential need without compromising on the aesthetic appeals of the door or the building as a whole.

Kaiser Doors has many types of fire doors. The product range ranges from preventing fire from thirty minutes to four hours. It also has a two hour rated sliding steel door. A four-leveled security is provided that provides protection from all types of attack, a small scale to a high scale attack. The company employs CNC machining techniques to give very tight tolerance level and allowing high level of consistency.

Kaiser doors offer different types of doors like industrial doors, high speed doors, single skinned roller shutter doors and twin skinned roller shutter doors. High speed doors are energy saving doors that also reduce noise pollution and contamination levels in the industry. PVC strip curtain help in cutting noise pollution, heat loss and other pollutants also. A Roller Shutter Door solves your very specific fire doors and specialized doors needs.