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Fire Doors UK

Fire doors are fire resistant doors that are made from fire resistant materials. As traditionally the doors have been made of wood, a very good conductor of fire, which can be a real hazard in times of fire accidents.

Fire doors are a must!

Fire doors are installed so as to minimize the spread of fire and smoke in any instance of a fire accident. Most of the fire doors are automatically operated either by smoke detecting or heat activated mechanisms. These doors must be closed at most times but should not require a key to open it.

The hallway and stairway fire doors should remain close in fire emergency as the whole purpose of the fire door is lost in case a fire occurs. These doors act as fire barriers in case of fire emergencies and the doors compartmentalize the building putting a stop to the spread of fire. There are many fire doors available in the UK market today and Kaiser Doors are one of them.

Kaiser doors

Kaiser Doors provides you all types of specialized doors like fire doors, roller shutter doors or high speed doors etc. It provides high quality doors which are efficient and specialized doors that are used for specific purposes.

Roller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors are the doors that are made from interlocking slats that are joined to form a sort of curtain. This curtain is rolled up or down on a barrel that is held by steel brackets. The curtain is supported by side channels. Kaiser doors offer a wide variety of roller shutter doors.

High speed doors

High speed doors are the very efficient doors with high operating speeds. These doors help in reducing energy costs, noise levels and in improving the overall improvement in the work environment of a place.

Kaiser doors are very reliable and durable doors that serve specific purposes. These products fulfill very specific needs. They provide Fire Doors, Energy saving doors, Industrial doors, High speed doors, PVC strip doors, Overhead doors or Multi purpose PVC strip doors etc. Kaiser doors are an efficient alternative to many similar options available in the market today. Kaiser doors are a place which you would like to visit for your fire door and other specialized door requirements.