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Go For Good Quality High Speed Doors

What is a High Speed Door?
High Speed Door is specially designed to enable fast opening and closing of the door, allowing people to move quickly through the opening. It is most commonly used in industrial settings. High Speed Door help in reducing energy cost, create a more conducive and serene working environment and improve productivity. High speed door is installed for varied purposes like for internal use, hygienic environment, freezer room and in high wind conditions.

Specialised features of High Speed Door:

  1. High Speed Doors, also known as Roller Shutter Doors, have specified features like Multi Safety Devices, Control Box and Draught Sealing. High speed doors are curtains with interlocking slats that form a continuous hinge. They are of two kinds: 1) single skinned and 2) twin skinned doors. High speed doors also come in bi-parting designs. They are available in a range of colour choices.
  2. Under the Draught Sealing feature in High speed doors, a double row of side brushes seal the uprights, reducing the play between the curtain and the guide, providing excellent sound barrier.
  3. The unique Multi Safety Devices in High Speed Doors monitor constantly to insure safe operation. They prevent the curtain from closing if somebody has entered the opening.
  4. In Control Box, High Speed Doors have Telemecanique controls within a metal control box with key lock and IP55 sealing protection. They have emergency stop, curtain ascent/descent buttons and automatic/manual switching.
  5. High Speed Doors are available in varied colours - Royal Blue, White, Dark Green, Sky Blue, Brown, Red, Cream, Black, Grey, Yellow and Orange.

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