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High Speed Doors-Energy Saving Doors

The requirement of energy saving doors becomes indispensable for almost all the big firms and companies because they need to lower the energy costs by the fast action of these doors. They can also prevent from contamination and pollution. Noise can be reduced to a great extent. The environment can be maintained hygienic inside. Consequently, it has a very positive effect on the production of the company by providing a favorable work environment.

High Speed doors are basically designed to fulfill the industry need. These are strongly built, high speed energy saving doors for external and internal use. The steel wind bars are tough enough to withstand high speed wind and storm. It can resist the wind with speed of over 60mph. In case of storm and very high speed winds, double skinned versions of doors also are available. High Speed Doors are constructed by the brilliantly treated metal layers of PVC and polyester. They have high resistance and durability against wear and tear. The material (fabric) of the doors (curtains) is saline treated and resistant to Ultraviolet radiations. The robust quality of the curtains is due to steel wind bars.

There are many optional ways for the activation of opening these high speed doors. Various options include single or double push buttons, pull cords, radar, transmitters, and photoelectric cells. These energy saving doors can also be loaded with sensing devices as a security feature, which prevents the automatic closing of the curtain, if somebody is under it. There is an arrangement of lights to warn when the door is being activated to open. In case of power failure, the door has manual opening arrangement. The frame and the door are available in standard and non–standard (chosen colors) option.

These energy saving doors are highly in demand as they are also money savers. They are able to conserve the energy, which is usually lost in the environment through the gaps in normal kind of doors and windows. The PVC strip of the doors is very cost effective, easy to repair thus saving on money. The energy saving strip doors are gaining popularity in places like loading docks, walk-in coolers, freezers, conveyor openings, crane ways etc. These high speed doors are cost effective due to the high-speed operation of the doors, low maintenance and simple design structure, all contributing to energy conservation. To know more about these specialized energy saving doors, visit