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Industrial Doors

Industrial Doors By Kaiser Doors Limited




The requirements of an Industry vary greatly from those of a residential setup. While in a residential usage, product aesthetics are of primary concern along with durability, longevity and cost effectiveness, in a commercial Industrial setup the product needs to be durable, robust and cost effective. However, aesthetics are an added advantage.

To meet the durability, aesthetic, performance and flexibility needs of the Industrial market, we present a complete collection of durable Industrial Doors. The substantial proportions, sturdy hinges, hardware options and overall functional design make these door a great choice for many different commercial applications. These durable Industrial Doors offer high degree of functionality and ease of operation. They are fabricated for versatility so that they suit all kinds of customer requirements and specifications. A perfect product for light and heavy Industrial applications where structural performance, water resistance and thermal performance are critical factors.

For different kinds of commercial environments and their unique requirements we offer various kinds of durable Industrial Doors. Whether your requirements include swinging, folding or manual power sliding doors we cater to all your needs for a robust and durable Industrial Door. We can provide both the usual and the "unusual" style of doors and door designs. You want resistance against fire, water, chemical effects, corrosion, pressure or blast and missile; we offer special customized doors for each of these specifications. Besides if your requirements include acoustical doors, sight dividers, radiation shield doors, car wash doors, traffic doors, or any other kind of doors we can deliver it for you. We fabricate doors in materials like steel, wood, fiberglass, lead, vinyl, canvas, glass and stainless steel.

We have a successful track record of installations in commercial systems as diverse as warehouses, fire stations, municipal buildings, recreational facilities, multipurpose buildings, restaurants, theatres, retails stores, car washes, Government buildings, food processing plants, Chemical manufacturing plants etc. Our Industrial Doors stand out amongst the rest on firm pillars of Quality, Strength and Security. All our Industrial Doors meet the stringent guidelines laid down for international quality adherence. There are doors are designed to maintain natural airflow and at the same time provide security from forced break-in.

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