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Industrial Doors by Kaiser Doors

Safety and security are major issues these days as the stakes are so high, more so in an industrial establishment where the amount of investment is huge. Selecting industrial doors is a very important task as it affects the future and the present of the business establishment. Kaiser Doors offers a large variety of industrial as well as commercial doors.

Kaiser doors offer security solutions to different industries like the engineering, distribution, food processing and retail industries. It provides an excellent service with regards to the supply, repair, installation as well as maintenance of industrial as well as commercial doors.

The company manufactures two types of doors namely single skinned and double skinned also called as twin skinned doors. These industrial doors are made up of a curtain of interlocking slats that form a hinge along its length. The Roller Shutter Door rolls up or down on a revolving barrel mounted on support brackets. The whole rolling mechanism is covered in a canopy hood. The bottom rail helps to add locks and handles when required. There is a huge variety available that ranges from power operated to perforated to manual operated along with powder coated, punched in different color variants plus security enhancements.

High Speed Doors are doors with high speed that are used to control the energy expenditure, pollution and noise levels. They thus create a healthy and comfortable working environment. These doors are installed at the entrance of the factory.

The strip doors are also a very useful product. They help in reducing heat loss, pollutants, draughts, noise and air borne pollution. These cost effective doors require little maintenance, can be easily repaired and offer perfect visibility. These doors are used inside the factory as well as at the exterior entrance of the factory.

The Roller Shutter Doors also install dock levelers, lighting, vehicle restraints, bumper supports, shelters, full range of loading bay equipment etc. These help in loading and unloading of cargo at industrial units. If you are looking for an industrial doors, visit the site for more information on the various options available, and get an online quotation on the product of your choice.