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Energy Conserving Doors


Energy conservation is the one of the most important concern of businesses and organizations these days and rightly so. As energy saved is money saved and any procedures and processes adopted to do so help in reducing the overall running costs of an organization and businesses. Energy conserving doors from Kaiser Doors are one such energy saving door that helps in saving energy.

Energy Saving Doors help in reducing costs as these are fast operated doors with reduced operating time. These doors are generally used in industrial setups in high traffic areas as the high speed of the door helps in ensuring heat retention, control airborne and noise pollution. It helps in controlling environment, reducing repair cost of the door and improving the traffic flow. All these factors contribute in creating a comfortable working environment and thereby increasing the productivity of the organization.

Kaiser Doors offers two types of high speed doors - Kaiser Pack and Kaiser Roll. The Kaiser Pack doors are essentially for external use. They are made for industries that require strongly built high speed doors. The fold up action and the integral steel windbars of the doors can resist wind speed of about 60mph. the honeycomb version is used for places with severe wind conditions.

Kaiser roll is the high speed door for internal use and has the roll up action. It is best suited for areas where space is limited. As it can be installed with minimum disruption and site preparation and can be used to separate internal areas. The doors are time saving, energy saving and money saving alternatives to the traditional doors.

Kaiser doors provide many specialized doors like fire doors, overhead doors, PVC curtain strips etc besides Energy Saving Doors. The Kaiser Door manufacturer’s use the finest material, innovative designs and advanced engineering techniques that sets them apart. The doors fulfill the specialized needs of the various commercial and industrial establishments that the traditional doors fail to accomplish.

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