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Fire Doors by Kaiser Doors


Fire doors are used to compartmentalise a building during a fire accident. These are effective in regulating fire and restricting it to a particular area. When a fire accident occurs the Fire proof doors provide a barrier and stop the fire from spreading. Kaiser Doors offers a vast variety of specialised door solutions.

An effective fire door has to be designed and engineered very carefully to ensure that it qualifies a set standard and shows optimum performance. The Fire doors consist of frames, door leaf, hinges, handles & seals etc. The doors have to pass through vigorous tests to gauge their performance and their fire resistant performance in accordance to their fire tests. These standards assume importance as most of the people are not aware about requisite guidelines or processes that have to be followed in the manufacturing of these doors.

Fire doors help in minimising the spread of fire a well as smoke in case of fire accident. You should make sure that the hallway and the stairway fire doors are closed at the time of the fire accident. The whole purpose of installing a fire door is defeated if the doors are left open. There are many different types of fire doors available in the market. Most of the fire doors are operated with the help of heat activated or smoke detection mechanisms. The doors should be closed but should not require a key to open it.

Kaiser Doors UK offers a variety of fire doors that are efficient, robust and satisfy the safety requirements. The doors offer four levels of protection from attacks with fire arms to attack with hand and power tools. The CNC machining techniques used provide high level of consistency along with tight tolerances so that the fire door meets the individual requirements. The functional aspect as well as the aesthetic appeal of the doors is maintained during the designing process. The doors can easily withstand the vagaries of warping, rusting, rotting or insect infestation.

Kaiser Doors offers a vast variety of specialised doors that include Strip Doors, PVC Strip Curtains, high speed doors, industrial doors, high speed doors, overhead doors, roller shutter doors etc. along with sophisticated access controlled entrance systems and Fire Doors. These doors have replaced the traditional wood doors as they are more strong, functional and effective then the wooden doors.

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