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Internal and External Applications

Roller Shutter doors for Internal and External Applications


We live in an unsafe world with security being a major concern of organizations and residences. In the age of electronic alarm systems and close circuit cameras, doors do not get the attention and importance that they deserve. Though these humble object carries the major burden of providing security to our homes and offices. Doors are used for various internal and external applications in different setups as per the specific requirements of the space. offers many specialized Roller shutter doors that serve different purposes.

Kaiser Doors offers a variety of specialized door solutions that include Fire Doors, High Speed Doors, Overhead Doors, and PVC Doors etc. Fire doors are made from fire resistant materials and designed to stop the spread of fire. These doors are a must as they help to stop and compartmentalize fire. Fire doors are generally automatically operated either by smoke detection or heat activation mechanisms. Wherever they are used, these doors should be closed at all times.

High speed doors by Kaiser Doors are efficient in saving energy and reducing costs. These days conserving energy is a major objective of companies all over the world. These energy saving doors are ideal for high traffic areas and help to reduce air borne pollution and noise pollution. The advantages of the doors are many which include reduced operating time, improved traffic flow and provides a comfortable working environment. The doors are especially useful in food processing and cold room environments.

Kaiser Doors also offer Overhead doors, Industrial Doors and PVC door strips etc. Overhead doors are best for external applications such as Garage Doors when space is at a premium. Kaiser Doors supply, install and repair different types of doors and even offer customized doors for specific requirements. Finest material along with sophisticated engineering techniques is used to make the doors. These doors offer safe and comfortable environment and therefore are very useful in industrial and residential settings.

Kaiser Doors accepts online quotations and can deliver specialized doors of any size and type. Visit the site and find specialized door solutions online.