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Roller Shutter Doors UK


Security is a major concern for business as well as home these days. These issues are a cause of concern as they can have far reaching effect on a business or a home, jeopardizing its present growth and future plans. Roller Shutter Door is an effective solution for such security issues. A good quality roller shutter door provides safety as well as security without compromising on the décor of the place. Roller Shutter Doors from Kaiser Doors are one of the best roller shutter doors available in UK.

Roller Shutter Doors are available in different types. An industrial door is used in an industrial setting especially retail, distribution, food processing and engineering industries. Industrial door is used for heavy as well as light industrial applications where water resistance, thermal and structural performances are important factors.

High speed doors are used to save and control expenditure on energy along with reducing contamination and noise levels. The high operating speeds of the doors help in reducing energy costs and making the environment more work friendly, thereby reducing the operating time considerably. These high speed doors are generally installed at the exterior entrance of a factory.

Fire doors help in compartmentalizing a building in case of a fire accident and help in stopping fire and smoke. These Fire doors provide protection ranging from thirty minutes to four hours. These doors provide four levels of security. PVC Strip doors offer economical solutions to reduce heat loss and provide a noise barrier. These products are made from self extinguishing PVC that does not support combustion.

Overhead doors are used to allow free space above and around the door leaving the door opening free. Tempered helical springs provide counter balancing to the door. Cable tensioning devices and rubber seals are also attached to the doors.
Kaiser doors offer one of the best Industrial doors that provide security and safety to businesses and industrial establishments. They install a whole range of loading equipments like shelters, dock levelers, vehicle restraints, bumper supports, dock seals, curtains etc. These products are used extensively in industrial settings. A Kaiser door fulfills the needs for specialized doors that cater to special demands like fire safety, security & safety.

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