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Strip Curtains UK


Cost effective and easy to maintain products are appreciated by one and all. Any product has these qualities has a better chance of success than its costly and cumbersome counterparts. Strip curtains UK are such cost effective PVC doors that are easy to repair and maintain. Roller Shutter Doors offers selected varieties of strip doors that find widespread usage in commercial and industrial units.

PVC strip curtains are a cost effective option to cut heat loss, reduce draughts. It also helps to retain chilled air in a restricted area with controlled environment such as factory, food processing plant or a warehouse. The curtains, though act as barrier to air borne pollutants and contaminants, maintain excellent visibility in the area where they are used. These PVC strip doors help in isolating noisy areas and machinery thus maintaining a healthy working environment for the workers. Using the doors thus helps in increasing the overall productivity of a unit or workstation.

The curtains with varying thickness are available in different colors. The perforated PVC strips maintain ventilation along with proper visibility while the safety glow strip is used to mark the building edges. These glow strips due to the glowing quality in dark areas are used to highlight the fire exits. The doors are essential for organizations which function during the night and help the employees to get out of the area in case of emergencies. The double ribbed strip curtains are used to minimize the scratching of curtains due to forklift traffic and are therefore used in areas with high forklift traffic.

Kaiser Doors offers all these special varieties of strip curtain such as perforated curtains, super cold PVC strips for refrigeration purposes glow strips. The curtains have rounded edges and are made from self-extinguishing flexible PVC that does not support combustion. The doors are ideal for both internal as well as external usage.

Kaiser door offers some other unique doors such as high speed doors, roller shutters, and fire doors etc. that fulfill the dire need for specialized doors. Strip Curtains UK are an economical solution and offer multi purpose usage wherever they are used.

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