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Prevent Fire from Spreading

Fire is a very interesting element with huge reservoirs of energy. But this energy can be both constructive as well as destructive. When ‘Fire’ is revealing its destructive side, it can cause huge amounts of damage to life and property. A short circuit or a lighted matchstick left unattended in a waste paper basket can cause a major fire and result in extensive destruction. This damage can be controlled and minimized with the help of Fire Doors. Fire Doors help in stopping the spread of fire & smoke and compartmentalizing the fire to a particular part of the building.

Fire Doors are specialized doors that are manufactured for controlling the destruction caused by fire. The fire doors are used for passive fire protection in residential apartments and other types of buildings. Fire Doors are manufactured from different types of boards such as gypsum, steel and vermiculite.

Fire Doors UK are used to restrict fire and localize it in the place of origin so that the fire is extinguished. It also provides time for the occupants of the building to vacate the premises. The only irony in the situation is that at times the purpose of fire doors is defeated by thoughtless acts of the occupants. Many times the fire doors are left open or have carpets running under them. Therefore just installing the doors is not enough; the occupants of the apartment should be educated about the safe use of fire doors and fire code compliance should be ensured.

Kaiser Doors Ltd. offer Fire Doors that provide protection from thirty minutes to four hours. It also offers four levels of security and can handle various levels of attack. CNC machining techniques are used that offer high consistency levels and tight tolerances. These doors provide security, durability and safety along with the aesthetic designs.

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