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PVC Strip Doors Curtains Windows

Multipurpose PVC Strips for Doors and Windows




PVC strip doors and curtains are cost effective way to have a controlled environment, heat retention, noise barrier and air borne pollution barrier. They are basically made of PVC strips vertically overlapping each other, mounted in door openings. They are generally used at places where having solid doors is not feasible. Due to these reasons, many customers worldwide choose PVC strips for doors and windows.

PVC strips for strip doors and windows are available in standard clear giving high visibility and transparency without interfering with the natural light. Thus, they ensure increased worker security & fewer doorway accidents. They have rounded edges that provide these PVC strips long life and safety.

PVC strips are available in a variety of colours. Doors made of these coloured strips can be installed at entrances or to mark restricted areas. PVC strips for strip doors and windows are made of high quality PVC compounds. This material resists most inorganic acids, bases and salts thus making strip doors and windows most suitable for units such as chemical manufacturing units where caustic environment prevails. Strips will not crack or shatter and remain flexible even when the temperature is well below zero. So you can find strip doors being very frequently used in freezers and walk-in cold storages.

Multipurpose PVC strips for strip doors and windows are made of high quality, low toxic, cadmium free PVC. They are easily operable in the temperature range of -5 degree C to + 60 degree. They have an oxygen index of 23-34% i.e. the percentage of oxygen required to maintain combustion is 23-34%. This makes them self-extinguishing and hence, fire resistant.

PC strip doors and windows have found application in various industrial and commercial setups due to their unique properties. You can spot strip doors and strip windows in setups like food service plants, pharmaceutical plants, dairies, bottling plants, restaurants, hospitals, school cafeterias and supermarkets.

So, if you need durability for your doors, choose the PVC strips and enjoy long-term efficiency. For more information please visit the section on PVC Strip Curtains at