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Roller Shutters are means of protection and maintaining privacy without really hampering air and sunlight enter your premises. Roller Shutters offer effective protection from vandalism and burglary and peace of mind for you and your family. Roller shutters offer the ultimate visual deterrent and a practical barrier to intruders when lowered, simply by pushing a button. When partially lowered the shutter acts as a blind, see picture below shielding the interior of your home from strong sunlight. Fully closed the shutters provide a total blackout and insulate your home against outside noise and the cold. The roller shutters and guides are made to measure from strong, corrosion beating aluminum and are available in a range of factory-coated colors which offer an attractive and durable finish eliminating the need for painting. In addition, all shutters can be equipped with an optional manual override to allow operation in the event of electricity failure. Apart from electronic operating Roller shutters, one could have choice of bottom slat key lock or internal shoot bolts employed to secure the curtain. However electric operation with automatic locking is often preferred especially in larger shutters and for multiple installations.

Roller Shutter Doors Uk

Roller Shutters finds their use in Industrial (Industrial Doors), Official and Domestic Roller Shutters. With the increasing need for security in the home has lead to an expansion in the market and the development of shutters that are both secure and attractive on a residential property. Roller Shutters are perfect for any garage, even garages with arched doorways, minimal headroom, or opening onto a short driveway. There are different types of architectural variations in Roller Shutter designs and operating mechanism most commonly being Swivel Belt Operated, Spring & Lock Operated, Electric Operated and Crank Operated.

For manual operated external or internally fitted shutters a transverse key lock is used for locking purpose. This lock is built-in to the shutters bottom rail that is attached to the shutters curtain thus travels up and down with the shutter. Locking bars locate in pre-drilled slots in each side of the shutters guide rails, giving maximum security. With this type of lock it allows the shutter to be locked or unlocked from either side. Apart from manual other most popular and commonly operating mode is Electronic. Electronic Roller Shutters has ease in operations mode and security with only disadvantages being in cases of electricity trip off.