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Roller Shutter Industrial Doors

Security and cost saving are important concerns in an industrial setup. Security, durability and cost effectiveness acquire significant importance in industries as they affect the overall profit of the industrial establishment. Aesthetics of the product acquire secondary importance as compared to the durability and robustness of the product.

Roller Shutters offer a wide range of Industrial doors that have all the above required characteristics. The doors offer an efficient and functional design that incorporates sturdy hinges to increase the strength of the door. These doors are useful in light as well as heavy industrial units, where thermal & structural performances along with water resistance are important concerns.

Keeping in mind the varied requirements of industrial and commercial establishments, Kaiser Doors offers different types of Roller Shutter Doors. You can choose from folding, swinging and manual power sliding doors that are very durable and strong. The doors provide protection from water, fire, pollution etc. and protection from theft.

If your requirement includes sight dividers, traffic doors, acoustical doors, radiation shield doors etc., Kaiser Doors Ltd. can take care of these types of doors too. The doors are made from stainless steel, steel, wood, fiberglass, vinyl, lead and glass etc. You also have the facility to get customized doors that are built according to your specifications. Industrial Doors UK can be used in distribution, food processing, retail and engineering industries.

The Roller Shutter Doors can be of two types - double skinned and single skinned Roller Shutter Doors. The doors roll up or down on a barrel that is supported by brackets. You can select from a varied range of doors that include manually operated doors, power operated and perforated doors with additional security enhancements.

Kaiser Doors offer a comprehensive package that includes repair, supply, installation and maintenance of the industrial doors. Selecting the right industrial doors can be a mean task but Kaiser Doors solves the problem by offering apt options. There are other doors such as Fire doors, High speed doors, Overhead doors, PVC strip curtains that are used for specific purposes such as compartmentalizing fire, conserving energy, reducing pollution.

Visit the site www.kaiserdoors.comto view the variety available and choose the door as per your requirement.