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Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional overhead doors are special type of doors that glide up under the roof when they are opened. This action helps in allowing free space around the door while the door opening is free for passage. The door is perfect for places where well insulated, strong and spacious doors are required. offers a vast and varied variety of high security insulated doors, versatile in nature and suitable for external industrial application.

These Sectional Overhead Doors use a counterbalance system and are available in electrically as well as manually operated types. The sizes of these doors are up to 12m2. Sectional Overhead Doors can be push-up operated. The doors that exceed this are equipped with a chain along with reduction gears and a hand chain. The electrically operated doors are equipped with a 3-phase operator, a push button control and a low level emergency hand chain.

Roller Shutters offers many options that are suitable for different types of track arrangements, Door panels, materials and operating systems along with vision panels. These Sectional Overhead Doors have additional features such as lever handles, personnel access door with lock, overhead closer and double glazed acrylic windows. A number of activation methods are available that include induction loops, radar, push button and radio control.

Kaiser Doors is a Worcestershire based manufacturer & supplier of specialized doors that include Fire Doors, High Energy Doors, Roller Shutters UK, PVC Strip curtains etc. These specialized doors are designed to serve specific purposes and are therefore more useful then traditional doors. You can also find barriers as well as fencing materials for different retail as well as engineering and distribution industries. Roller shutter doors are available in a vast variety, at cost effective prices. If you wish to buy the door you can get an online quotation by visiting the website along with other specifications, downloadable data sheets and order forms.

Kaiser Doors offers complete services that include supply, installation, repair and maintenance of the doors. We have been serving our customers for around forty years. Visit the site and book your Sectional Overhead Doors today.