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Shutter Doors: The Doors of Energy Perception




Energy saved is energy earned. Today there is a lot of importance given internationally to the conservation of energy especially within the industrial and office premises. An important aspect of conservation of energy is the wise use of doors as they can act as natural barriers to the waste of energy. Shutter doors are hence an essential component of energy conservation.

Shutter doors are generally used for industrial and commercial purposes and are made up of interlocked panels of steel which makes it convenient for them to be rolled up and down smoothly. The shutter doors are the first choice for use as industrial doors owing to their strength.

Shutter doors are necessary in the industrial premises because of their ability to offer easy accessibility along with protection. The modern manufacturing facilities are highly mechanized. It is essential to maintain an optimum temperature inside the factory premises and this is done by the HVAC systems. The HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems are also known as climate control system and generally require huge amount of energy to function. The use of shutter doors helps in maintaining a stable temperature inside the premises naturally.

A roller shutter door is thus the ideal product to be used in cold rooms and refrigerators, as it prevents outside heat from entering inside and thus helps in improving the efficiency of the freezers. The roller shutter doors have also imbibed the latest technology like the use of unique joint with soft hinge which provides easy running of the door. Even electrical devices like timers can be attached to the doors which make it safer and prevent the doors from falling on the personnel during the working hours.

The high speed doors also prove to be very useful in places like warehouses. The combination of strip curtains with the high speed doors eliminates the need for the personnel to get down every time to open the door. The strip curtains also provide easy accessibility of vehicles through them and hence save a lot of time. The high speed doors can be attached with electrical timers to offer a high speed operation.

The energy saving doors is the call of the hour and very important in these times when there is so much stress on saving energy. Shutter doors serve as the perfect vehicle for conserving energy and utilizing our scarce resources in the best possible manner today.

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