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Specialized Door Solutions by Kaiser Doors

Most of the buildings require different types of doors to serve specific purposes. The function of specialized doors determines the door’s appearance, operation and construction. Roller Shutters provides different types of specialized doors that are used for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.

A door used for security purposes should be durable, sturdy and highly efficient. If the door is used to provide access to and from an area and allow natural light, it should use glass for construction. Similarly Fire doors, High speed doors or overhead doors are also designed to serve specific purposes.

Fire door is a specialized door that helps to stop the spread of fire within a building. These doors are made from a combination of materials such as gypsum, steel and vermiculite boards. The fire door structure consists of a door leaf, doorframe, the door hardware and a metal structure that holds the system together. Fire doors help to compartmentalize fire and thus help to restrict the fire in an area. The restricted fire is either extinguished, runs out of fuel or provides enough time for the evacuation of building.

Energy conservation is a major concern in homes and offices. Besides investing in a computer controlled thermostat or not running an empty refrigerator you can use energy saving doors. These doors are high speed doors that help to save energy and reduce noise and contamination levels. These doors can be used in hygienic environment, like in the freezer room. The High Speed Doors from Roller Shutter doors are strong, durable and cost-effective energy saving solutions. The doors are able to save energy due to their high operating speed, thus reducing the operating cycles of the doors.

Kaiser Doors are specialized door solutions provider with an interesting variety of Fire Doors, Energy Saving Doors, Overhead Doors, Industrial Doors and Roller Shutters etc. We supply, install and repair specialized doors and also offer customized door solutions to the clients with specific requirements. Kaiser Doors are made from the finest materials and use advanced and sophisticated engineering techniques to get perfect door solutions.

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