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Strip Curtains: Maintain Temperature and Conserve Energy

Sophisticated machines or hardware simplify our work. So it is very necessary to take care of them. They should be operated in such a way that they ensure smooth functioning of these systems. PVC strip curtains find special use in care and maintenance of these systems. If these machines work in good condition, they consume less energy. These PVC strip curtains are extremely helpful in maintaining constant temperatures in offices, homes and workplaces. They also reduce constant usage of heaters, air conditioning systems and ventilating system. Thus they save a lot of energy consumed by these electrical appliances. PVC curtains act as a natural barrier and saves heat or cool air from escaping. Today, energy conservation and pollution control are one of the most worrying issues in the world. Strip curtains help us to save earth resources and lead us to a cleaner, greener world.   

PVC strips are used as safety glow strips. They clearly mark the edges of buildings or doorways in night and give indication to fork-lift truck drivers. They also clearly highlight fire exits and doorways round the clock due to its "glow in the dark" properties. Thus, it is the ideal health and safety solution for 24hr working factories and warehouses etc, as it clearly ensures that all exits are highlighted in condition of a power outage.

PVC strip curtains are also used in those industrial areas where there is requirement of handling a lot of cart traffic. The strip curtains allow the small trucks to pass through and ensure smooth flow of traffic without requiring doors to open and close every time.

The PVC strip curtains are widely used in food industry. These curtains maintain a constant freezing temperature which is helpful in keeping food articles in eatable condition for a longer period. They also not allow air borne pollutants and germs to damage food items. The super cold PVC strip curtains are resistant to low temperatures and remain unaffected at cold temperature like -45 degrees. Kaiser Doors perforated PVC strip offers the same protection from airborne pests as standard PVC strip whilst retaining maximum ventilation and visibility.

People enthusiastically use strip curtains at open door ways because they are very efficient to keep warm or cool air inside a closed area at static temperature. Strip curtain contains rigid folding upper sections that are hinged together in a side-by-side manner. These curtains are available in different sizes according to their different usages at different places. PVC strip doors keep you away from disturbing noise and create a peaceful and healthy working environment. Its less price makes it popular among users.