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Strip Doors: The energy saving champions

Industrial units are the backbone of an economy today. But recently a few eyebrows have been raised due to a concern about the amount of energy being wasted by the industrial units. Hence a lot of work is being done to make the industrial units more sustainable. Strip doors can be deployed constructively to save tremendous amount of energy.

Strip doors are basically energy saving doors which prove to be very important in the normal industrial setups. The strip doors are finding use across various domains which includes industrial set ups and commercial units. They are very versatile by nature and hence can adopt to various surroundings with tremendous ease.

Energy saving doors are a very important component of the HVAC(Heating,ventilation and air conditioning) systems. They provide a natural energy block and hence prove to be very economical. The strip doors help to maintain a constant temperature and hence regulate the flow of energy.

The strip doors are finding tremendous use in industrial storage units. An industrial storage area is always buzzing with activity and hence can result in a lot of wastage. The strip curtain comes to the rescue in such a scenario. It provides a protective cover for the storage units and
helps to maintain a constant temperature. It also allows the vehicles to pass through without the hassle of opening and closing the door every time.

The Strip doors are also becoming very important in the kitchens of luxurious hotels and big retail outlets. The strip doors help in maintaining a constant temperature which is essential to preserve the food for a longer time. It reduces the energy loss and hence helps to maintain an equilibrium.

The strip doors are also playing an important role in the medical field. Various life saving drugs are chemically unstable and require an optimum temperature to be potent. The energy saving doors play a big role by maintaining an optimum temperature which is necessary to preserve these drugs.

The scope of the strip doors is expanding by the day to include in its fold various domains. In a world starved of energy innovative ideas like strip doors will go a long way in preserving energy and developing more acceptable solutions.

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