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Strip Curtains Uk: Change Patterns As Per Your Wish

Each door or curtain is designed to suit the prevailing weather conditions and your individual requirements, moods and tastes. Kaiser Doors Limited have over forty years of collective experience focused on ensuring excellence of service to the food processing, engineering, distribution and retail industries. Thus it enables us to understand your needs in better way and thus ensure your satisfaction in terms of designs, colors, elegance and security. We offer cost effective, easy maintainable, excellently designed PVC Strip curtains with reduced heat and air loss. Our product range ensures isolated noisy machinery and restricts movement of airborne pollutants.

PVC Strip Curtains are so efficient that they will normally save their installation costs every winter. Thousands of these low cost, energy efficient products are in use by industries in UK, saving millions of pounds in wasted heat, yet never impeding access. Lightweight strip with a small degree of overlap is used for internal pedestrian doors or heavy grade PVC with maximum overlap in most exposed doorways. In addition to their energy-saving properties, PVC screens can also be used to control the spread of airborne pollutants, dust, spray, fumes and noise. Our Vina Flex strip doors and Strip Curtains reduce energy costs, help improve employee comfort and reduce dust and pollutants. Vinyl PVC Strip Doors are economical and long lasting. The clear PVC strip curtains are easy to install. Our clear vinyl strip doors come in a variety of strip width and can be configured for any door or room of any size.

You can use strip doors for coolers and freezers, warehouse doors or to separate rooms from dust, smoke or temperatures. Strip Curtains UK also offers an ideal way to prevent entry of airborne pests and a cost effective method of cutting heat loss or retaining chilled air in an area where you need to control the environment such as in a warehouse, factory or food processing plant. Applications for PVC strip curtain also include industrial, warehouse, food environments, cold rooms, refrigerated vehicles, welding screens, sound attenuation booths, internal doorways, temperature controlled lorries, Temporary or permanent partitioning, hospitals and agricultural buildings. The reason that PVC curtains are used in such areas is because they have such a wide range of benefits the most common being Reducing expensive fuel bills, Improving workplace safety, Improving working environment, Retaining heat and chilled air, Reducing noise levels, Reducing dust and fumes and Helping to exclude birds and vermin.