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Strip Doors

PVC Strip Doors From Kaiser Doors




Strip doors and strip curtains are overlapping PVC strips mounted in door openings. These are generally used in places where usage of a solid door is not feasible i.e. there is a heavy foot and machine traffic though that passage.

Strip doors and strip curtains are available in standard clear that provides for maximum visibility whilst double ribbed strips can be used to minimise the inevitable scratching of curtains due to forklift traffic. Polar grade strip is available for cold room applications.

Strip doors are great if energy conservation is a big concern. Some of their benefits are :

Strip doors and strip curtains from Kaiser Doors are used in industrial and commercial applications such as walk-in coolers and freezers, loading docks, conveyor openings, crane ways, noise barriers, interior partitions, animal doorways, clean rooms, weather protection in shipping and receiving doors and sound control around machinery and between rooms.

Kaiser Doors has a track record of successful strip doors and strip curtains installations in a wide range of applications from pharmaceutical plants, dairies and bottling plants to hospitals, concert halls and supermarkets.