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Strip Doors

Strip Doors by Kaiser Doors




Strip doors by Kaiser Doors are PVC strips that are mounted in door openings for various purposes. These doors are used instead of solid doors in places where the traffic is high. These doors are cost effective, easy to repair and provide excellent visibility. Kaiser Doors supply, install and maintain PVC strip doors along with other type of doors.

Advantages of Strip Doors

Strip doors has many advantages, some of them are listed here.

PVC Curtains find wide usage

Kaiser Doors Ltd. has introduced PVC Strip Doors, which have varied applications as in loading docks, walk-in coolers, and freezers, conveyor openings, crane ways, interior partitions, etc. Moreover, the availability of PVC Strip Curtains and Doors in different colors enables their usage in marked entrances or restricted areas.

Kaiser Doors has had a successful record of installing these strip doors in dairies, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, concert halls, bottling plants etc.

One of the unique traits of PVC Strip Doors and Curtains is their safety glow strip, which glows in dark. This can clearly earmark the edges of buildings, doorways for forklift truck drivers, and can also clearly highlight the fire exits and doorways throughout the day.

Kaiser Doors Ltd. has been using the finest materials and advanced techniques, which have made these strip doors long lasting. The doors require less maintenance and repair. Strip doors manufactured by Kaiser Doors are made from self extinguishable PVC, which doesn’t favor combustion, thus, acting as a major safety device.

Kaiser doors offer specialized doors for various purposes and PVC strip doors are one of them. Visit the site for detailed information on strip doors and other types of doors.