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Doors are used from Ancient Times

Doors are an important feature of any buildings besides providing entrance to a space. It also greatly influences the security of a space. Due to their function, size and location they are usually the visual focal point of a space. The strength of the door is important due to the functionality aspect while the looks are responsible for the sake of aesthetics.

Traditionally wooden doors were used in homes but today the scene is different. Doors have to serve many specialized functions such as protection against fire or controlling environment etc. To address these specialized needs, many specialized doors have been designed to serve specialized functions. Fire doors, high speed doors, overhead doors belong to this category. Kaiser Doors offer a vast variety of high quality specialized doors.

Fire Doors offer protection from fire and smoke during a fire emergency. They offer fire resistance and help to compartmentalize fire in a building. The doors are made of fire resistant material and the level of protection of the fire door ranges from thirty minutes to four hours. These fire doors offer four levels of security doors offering protection from opportunistic attack with light tools to attack with hand and power tools. The CNC machining techniques are used in these door mechanisms as they offer tight tolerance levels and high level of consistency. These doors are much better than the traditional wooden doors as they offer greater level of security.

Kaiser doors UK also provides PVC strip curtains that help to stop noise and air borne pollution. These PVC curtains help to create a transparent barrier and thus assist in stopping the pollution while maintaining the visibility. The doors are strong, durable, and cost effective and are easy to operate with high degree of functionality.

Kaiser Doors offer overhead doors or roller shutter doors that are perfect for interior as well as external installation. These doors are perfect for places where space is at a premium and you require an obstructed passage.

Roller shutter doors offered by Kaiser Doors provide you great quality, security, strength and durability, the essentials in a door. Select from the wide range of the doors available. Kaiser doors also offer repair, installation, maintenance services along with supply of these doors. Visit the site to know more about these special doors that are specially manufactured to cater to your special requirements.