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Fire Proof Industrial Doors UK

Just think of your office or worst still, an industry catching fire. The casualty in terms of life and property is best left unimagined. To avoid or to limit any such catastrophe fire doors are recommended for industrial doors UK. Such fire doors UK are made from fire resistant materials.

Conventional industrial doors made from woods are good conductor of fire and will not only catch fire easily but also will help in spreading it. Fire doors in case fire minimise the spread of fire as well as smoke. Fire doors must remain closed at most times and are operated automatically when fire or smoke is detected.

Fire doors also double up as security door. These types of industrial doors do not require keys to operate. They remain lock almost all the time providing impeccable security. They are technically designed in such a way that they operate in case of fires.

Of the numerous fire doors UK available, Kaiser Doors stand out. With about 40 years of collective experience, you can rely on Kaiser Doors for supply, installation, repair, and maintenance of all kinds of industrial doors and commercial doors. Its products have set up a standard for industrial doors UK.

Fire doors UK from Kaiser Doors can provide resistance from 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the quality. It uses CNC machining techniques to provide the best security from fire and theft. It also uses good quality and the most durable veneers and laminates which not only provide strength and security, but also an appealing look. So if you are looking for industrial doors, you can bank on Kaiser Doors for the best industrial doors UK.

Kaiser also provides quality roller shutters. The roller shutters at Kaiser are available for both commercial and domestic use. These doors serve specific purposes from resisting fire to saving energy and space and reducing noise pollution. Roller shutters are easy to install and maintained. For more information on fire doors UK, you can visit Kaiser Doors’ website at

For maximum security from fire and theft, you can rely on Kaiser Doors for the best industrial doors UK and fire doors UK.