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High Speed Doors

High Speed Energy Saving Doors




For most companies controlling energy costs is a top priority and High Speed Doors can offer very quick payback periods. Noise and contamination levels can also be substantially reduced. Whether your requirement is for internal use, freezer room, hygienic environment or high wind conditions let us show you how we can save you energy and money. Our High Speed Doors with their high operating speeds reduce energy costs, create a more comfortable working environment and improve productivity due to markedly reduced operating times. As a typical industrial door takes about ninety seconds to complete its operating cycle, with typical usage this means that the door could be open for over three hours per day. Often the aggravation of opening and closing a convention­al door means that it might be left open all day. A high speed door operating at one metre per second with a paused time in the open position of 10 seconds would mean that the door would be closed for two and a half hours more per day.

However, another very significant advantage of using high-speed doors is that it reduces (dampens) the industrial noise level in the work area. This results in a better working environment. Continual exposure to excessive noise over a long period of time can result in damage to hearing ability. Those working in noisy workplaces, factories, foundries, working with tools, plant and machinery are amongst those most at risk.

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