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Improve Productivity by Installing Energy Saving Doors

Energy saving is a major concern these days, as energy saved is money saved. Energy saving doors is in demand as they help to reduce costs. The cost reduction is possible due to the reduced operating time of the doors. These fast operated doors are used specially in industrial setups. The doors can be used in areas with high traffic flow as its fast action ensures maximum heat retention capability.

Energy saving doors also helps in controlling noise pollution as well as airborne pollution. The controlled environment offers many advantages that include reduced repair cost, reduced operating time along with improved traffic flow. The doors help in creating a comfortable working environment and improving the overall productivity. The doors are specially used in the food processing and cold storage environment.

There are two types of High Speed Doors Kaiser Pack and Kaiser Roll. Kaiser Pack is specially designed to meet the industry demands and is suitable for external use. The door mechanism entails a unique fold-up action, coupled with integral steel wind bars, it can withstand winds over 60mph. A double skinned honeycomb version is more suitable for severe wind conditions. You can get doors of sizes up to 6m x 6m.

Kaiser-Roll is a high speed door suitable for internal use, has a roll-up action. The door has a compact design with a fully integrated curtain solves the limited space problem. You can install it easily at the site and can be used for separating internal areas. Install the door as per your need.

Kaiser Door offers you a vast selection of Energy saving doors along with overhead doors, fire doors and PVC strip curtains etc. Select the door that suits your requirements and approach us for the comprehensive services that include supply, repair, installation and maintenance of the Kaiser doors. Visit the site and get more details about the services.