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Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors - Design & Application




The sectional overhead door glides up under the roof when opened, allowing free space around the door opening and leaving the door opening completely free. Sectional Overhead Doors offer a versatile, high security insulated door, perfect for any external industrial application. Different options for track arrangements, operating systems, colours, materials, vision panels and colours offer a huge choice for the specifier.

Ideally suited to industrial applications, the door panels are formed from galvanised steel sheets bonded together with high density C.F.C free polyurethane foam to provide a 'U' value of 0.43 W/m2K with thermal break between panels. Vertical and horizontal tracks, hinges, brackets, cappings and hardware are galvanised, with the assembled door running on adjustable galvanised roller carriers, bolted to each individual panel. Each door is counterbalanced by means of tempered helical springs at high level, mounted on bright steel plates with self aligning roller bearings for smooth quiet operation. Cable tensioning devices are fitted as standard to all doors. Rubber seals are fitted to the top and bottom of each door with PVC seals to each side of the opening for protection against weather.

Manual operation is by means of continuous galvanised hand chain, or in smaller cases, 'push up' with pull down cord. All manually operated doors are fitted with a recessed lifting handle and spring loaded shootbolt as standard. Electric operation is by means of 415 volts 3Ph. supply drive motor with emergency disconnection and hand chain or push up operation in the event of power failure.

Our Technical Team are always available to advise the most suitable track arrangement and opening activation.