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Roller Shutter's Overhead Doors

Overhead doors are required in commercial and industrial establishments. Garage doors are the most common example of overhead doors, though they have many other usages. The overhead doors lift upwards and open overhead.

These doors are operated manually or can also be operated electronically. In the Manual operation the door is opened by a push-up operation. All such Push-up doors generally have a handle that is used to lift them, which is fitted to the bottom panel. The manually operated doors that are too big have a chain that is used to raise the door with the help of reduction gears and hand chain. The Electric overhead doors can be operated by a push button control. Other buttons are also present to control the door along with an emergency hand chain for manual operation.

The balance of overhead doors can be achieved with the help of helical springs carried on a steel shaft. Springs help to balance the weight of the overhead door and lift the door. Springs can be used as ‘extension springs’ as well as ‘torsion springs’. These Extension springs are independent and therefore the doors are shaky. The Torsion springs work together and help in providing a smooth work operation. These are safe and superior option.

These door panels are made of galvanized sheets and are bonded together with a high density, CFC free from foam core and are also fire resistant. It has a steel front and steel back insulated door which is sturdy and superior. The doors are insulated and thermally efficient plus they come in wood-look designs. The doors can be effectively used as commercial, residential as well as industrial doors. The doors can be modified in pet doors, mail slots and etc. They can even include lever handles, cylinder lock, over head closer etc.

The Kaiser doors are generally tailor made and can be installed according to factors like height etc. The finest materials are used to increase the durability, functionality and operation etc.

At Kaiser Doors, high quality materials are combined with skilled workmanship. You can use these doors manual or power operated overhead doors at the best possible prices. Visit the site to know more about overhead doors and other specialized doors.