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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutter Doors are one of the most popular doors used in commercial, industrial as well as residential settings. With the rising security issues in our localities, Roller Shutter Doors provide security solutions.

Roller Shutter is a sort of curtain with interlocking slats that forms a continuous hinge along the whole length. This arrangement helps to roll up or down the curtain as per requirement on a spring loaded barrel, which is held by steel support brackets. The door is installed easily and once it is installed, it requires a small amount of space. Roller Shutter Doors are of two types- single skinned roller shutter doors and twin skinned roller shutter doors.

Uses of Roller Shutter Doors

The Roller Shutter Doors are functional doors that provide security from rain, water, theft and pollution etc. The doors are also used as an interior décor element as there are many stylish designs available. The contemporary designs of the roller shutter doors make it a design statement that adds style to your home.
Roller Shutters are more effective than the normal doors as they are stronger, occupy less space and provide extra security to the official and residential complex where they are installed. Most of these doors are installed in residences, commercial and industrial compounds.

Kaiser doors specialize in different types of UK Roller Shutter door. You can find industrial doors, fire doors, high speed door, PVC strip curtains, Sectional Overhead doors, Barriers and fencing. These specialized doors serve specific purposes. The fire doors are used to stop the spread of fire and smoke in case of a fire accident and also help in compartmentalizing the fire. The industrial doors are used for security purposes while the high speed doors help in saving energy due to their high speeds and creating a comfortable working environment. PVC strip curtains help in reducing noise pollution reduce air and heat loss and also reduces the movement of airborne pollutants, thus help in maintaining a healthy working environment.

You can get an online quotation for Roller Shutters of any size, you wish to order. Visit the site to get more information about Roller Shutter Doors and solve your security problems once for all.