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Strip Doors- Great Solutions For Industries

Know about Strip Doors
Strips doors are overlapping PVC strips mounted in door openings. Strip doors are usually used in places where usage of a solid is not workable as there is a heavy foot and machine traffic though that passage. They are available in standard clear that provides for maximum visibility whilst double ribbed strips can be used to minimise the inevitable scratching of curtains due to forklift traffic. Polar grade strip is available for cold room applications.

Specialised benefits of Strip Doors:
Strip doors greatly help in conserving energy. Their benefits are:

  1. Strip doors control environment by trapping the cool and warm air. They also prevent dust and other air borne pollutants from spreading from one work section to another.
  2. Strip Doors are excellent noise barriers, creating better working environment for the workers.
  3. Strip doors are highly cost effective since they help in conserving energy by preventing heat loss.
  4. Strip doors are easy to install, maintain and repair. They are extremely versatile and can adapt to a varied range of applications.
  5. Strip doors have rounded edges and are made of self extinguishing flexible PVC which does not support combustion. Hence they help in preventing fire hazards.
  6. Strip doors help in solving doorway visibility problems. As a result, there are fewer doorway accidents and worker safety is enhanced.

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