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Fire Doors: Doors That Are Fire Proof

To safeguard your home or office from the threat of fire, Fire Doors can be installed. Latest in the line of fire fighting equipment, fire doors are fire resistant doors used to prevent the spread of fire. These fire resistant doors operate automatically either by smoke detecting or heat activated mechanisms. These doors are manufactured from fire resistant materials like steel, vermiculite boards and gypsum etc.

In the modern era of multi-storied apartments and high rise buildings, these doors serve the very important purpose of restricting fire to one area and reducing the extent of loss to life and property. Acting as fire barriers, these fire proof doors compartmentalise the building by preventing the further spread of fire.

Many fire doors are available in UK and Kaiser Doors is one of them. Here, you can find all types of fire doors and doors that are fire proof. The product range ranges from preventing fire from thirty minutes to four hours. It has a two hour rated sliding steel door and a four-level security that provides protection from all kinds of attacks: small scale as well as high scale. For high quality fire doors that are efficient and provide complete protection, click