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Strip Curtains: At Kaiser Doors UK


Strip Curtains by Kaiser Doors UK are special PVC Strip Curtains that are mounted on doors. These special doors are an efficient and economical way to minimize draughts and heat loss. The door or PVC strips act as a barrier against dust and noise. Kaiser Doors Ltd offer different types of specialized door solutions including Strip curtains.

The PVC strip curtains allows access to the people, maintains visibility and cuts down on noise and air pollution in the area where it is installed. These are especially useful in areas where installing a solid door is not feasible such as high traffic areas. As these high traffic areas have heavy vehicular or pedestrian traffic; thus using Strip Curtains UK is a better alternative.

Strip Curtains offered by Kaiser Doors are characterized and appreciated for their features such as easy reparability as well as cost effectiveness. They offer excellent visibility and help to reduce heat loss and air pollution. The strip doors restrict the movement of airborne pollutants and maintain the quality of the environment. These strip doors are also used to decrease noise pollution considerably as they help to isolate noisy machinery.

Kaiser Doors UK offers different types of PVC Strip Curtains such as standard clear that offer maximum visibility, double ribbed strips that help to minimize scratching of the curtains in places with high forklift traffic. The polar grade strips are specially designed for cold room applications. The Super Cold PVC Strip works well in -45 degrees temperatures while the perforated PVC strip provides the same protection but with increased visibility and ventilation.

The latest addition is the Safety Glow Strip that is used to mark the edge of doorways, building or fire exits etc. The “glow in the dark†property of this Strip Curtains makes them one of the best safety solutions for warehouses and factories with night shifts. The curtains ensure that the exits are highlighted during power failures.

Kaiser Doors offers different types of specialized door solutions such as Fire Doors, High Energy Doors, Overhead Doors, Barriers and Fencing etc. Visit the site and get more details about these specialized doors including information about Strip Curtains UK.